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Instructions to order from overseas
The following instructions are for those who want to order by E-Mail.
If you live outside of Japan and can order by the online shop, please use Cart on the shop or “Order form” mentioned above.

( 以下では、海外からのご注文をE-Mailでご希望するお客様に記しています。
ネットストアを利用して注文可能な海外にお住まいのお客様は通常のカートシステムか、上記「Order form」をご利用ください。)

  • E-Mail
    Receiving orders only via E-Mail (only English) to the following address

    Please include the following information to the order correctly:
  • Subject of the order E-Mail
    "Order: [Please put your name here]"
    e.g. "Order:Miwa taniguchi"

  • Orders
    Item Number. The number of the orderd item

    e.g. "
  • Your information
    + Your name
    + Zip code
    + Address
    + Phone number
    + Preferable shipping option (EMS or E-Packet)

  • Payment
    Credit card is acceptable(Paypal)
    Please feel free to ask us at"Inquiry"
    We will answer to your inquiry typically within 2 business days